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The age for juvenile crimes should include 17-year-olds

The Georgia legislature has completed their most recent session. In the course of the session they took up certain issues involving the criminal justice system but did not address one of critical importance. The state is one of only four that considers 17-year-olds as adults for the purpose of criminal prosecution. The negative impact of prosecuting all 17-year-olds as adults instead of viewing their transgressions as juvenile crimes is significant.

A teenager placed into the adult criminal justice system may suffer physical and psychological trauma that could have a permanent impact on his or her life. The same teen placed into the juvenile system would likely have access to support and counseling designed to help them re-enter society and become a successful adult. In addition, an adult criminal record could have a life-long impact and may limit one's education and employment opportunities.

Traffic stop can end in drug possession charges

The battle against drugs rages on in Georgia. Police are on alert and involved in active investigations in an attempt to stem the flow of drugs to area communities. A recent traffic stop led to an arrest for drug possession after the smell of marijuana was detected in the car.

A 23-year-ol resident of Tara Way was recently arrested after being pulled over. The car was initially pulled over because the windshield was partially shattered. The stop occurred on a local road. The officer reported detecting an odor of marijuana in the vehicle and requested backup. Another officer responded and assisted with a search of the vehicle.

Hasty decisions can lead to juvenile crimes

Crimes involving juveniles are on the rise in many communities. Young people are prone to making hasty decisions and are easily manipulated into situations that they may later regret. The need to fit in, to be cool and to be accepted can be strong motivators. Sadly, young people get involved in situations in Georgia that may lead to the commission of juvenile crimes.

A woman recently claimed that she was terrorized by a group of teens. The incidents began when she was putting gas in her car, and so-called slider thieves reportedly entered her car, took her wallet and keys and then took off. Shortly after that incident, she reported that $500 was taken from one of her accounts. She was concerned about the safety of her car as the thieves had her keys and address. Two days after the initial incident, she reported her car stolen.

Consequences of a domestic violence conviction

Domestic violence is a serious subject. Whenever it is mentioned in the news or daily conversation, everyone agrees that the allegations of domestic abuse tarnish someone’s reputation. What if it was your reputation?

If you’re facing domestic violence charges, you need to know what exactly your charges entail and how the penalties can affect the rest of your life. 

How a traffic stop can lead to a charge of drug possession

Drivers in Georgia who are pulled over by the police have the right to refuse to a search of the vehicle. An officer can request a search if he believes that there is reasonable cause to believe that the vehicle contains evidence of a crime. If the officer believes such evidence is present, for example drug possession, a warrant is not required, but the driver is still within his or her rights to refuse the search. The officer can perform a search without the driver's consent.

A recent traffic stop resulted in drug charges against the driver. The vehicle in question was pulled over for a non-functioning tail light. The officer alleged that the driver was very nervous and shaking when asked to produce his driver's license and registration. The officer then reportedly asked if the vehicle contained any illegal weapons or contraband, and the driver denied that it did. The officer asked permission to search the vehicle and reported that the permission was granted.

Drugs disguised as candy may emerge near Valentine's Day

Some US holidays are characterized almost entirely by their endorsement of candy - namely, Halloween and Valentine's Day.

Celebrated by children and adults alike, these days are all about giving and getting sweets. But, every year, police find threatening substances that are only disguised as candy.

Charge of drug possession presents need for criminal defense

It can be serious business to be charged with a crime in Rome, Georgia. All the more so when the alleged crime includes charges for drug possession. The war against the drug crisis is an ongoing one, and law enforcement is motivated to make progress against the scourge that is harming so many lives.

A man in Rome has turned himself in to Floyd County Police after being charged with attempted theft and drug possession. The accused was allegedly prowling around a property on Walnut Avenue without permission to be there. He reportedly had tools on his person that could have been used to commit a robbery. In addition to the tools, he reportedly had in his possession methamphetamines.

Drive under the influence -- go straight to jail

The holiday season is a time for parties and visiting loved ones. Many of these activities may involve the consumption of alcohol. Some people may not be aware of alcohol's impact on their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle and may inadvertently drive under the influence. The Georgia Department of Transportation will be trying to ensure the safety of all drivers this holiday season.

In an effort to maintain safety on state roadways, Georgia State Patrol officers are instigating a zero tolerance policy to be enforced during the holiday season. A person who is cited for driving under the influence will be taken directly to jail. There were 24 traffic fatalities in Georgia last December that were attributed to drunk driving.

Juvenile crimes need not ruin a life

Being a teenager in 2018 in Georgia is not easy. The pressures on today's young people to fit in and figure out their place in a complex social strata can be truly overwhelming. Some young people feel lost and succumb to the welcoming arms of violent groups. These groups can exercise great influence on impressionable teens that can lead to the commission of juvenile crimes.

On a recent evening in Social Circle, a group of teens had gathered at a friend's home. Late that night, a young man allegedly entered the house and started shooting. One young person, a 19-year-old male, was hit by the gunfire. He fled, or was driven, to a nearby gas station. From there he was transported to a hospital by ambulance.

Alcohol and driving can result in the need for a DUI defense

A conviction for DUI in Georgia can come with stiff penalties. Fines for a first offense can be as high as $1,000 and subsequent offenses can carry fines of up to $5,000 as well as community service or jail time. A person facing charges for DUI may have a need for a DUI defense.

A woman was arrested recently in Kingsland. She had her two children, ages 5 and 3, in her car and faces charges of DUI, child endangerment, child abuse, hit-and-run and battery. She apparently crashed her car into a ditch and a couple of teenage girls who were in the vicinity came to see if they could help. One girl claimed that the woman punched her in the face, following which the girl called her own mother. When that woman arrived on the scene she stated that the driver's own mother was also there and that the woman and her children had switched cars and the mother was saying she would take the  blame for the accident.

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