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What Can A Criminal Defense Attorney Do For You?

Facing a criminal charge can be one of the most trying ordeals you will ever experience. Depending on the severity of the crime, you could be in line for significant fines, jail time and a permanent criminal record hindering you from eventually moving forward with your life.

When you consider just how much is at stake, the aid of an experienced criminal defense attorney is a necessity to defending yourself against a criminal charge. At the Law Offices of Walter L. Lutes, P.C., I recognize that my clients in the North Georgia area are facing uncertain futures, and I do everything within my abilities to aid them in their course correction.

A Lawyer Can Give You A Valuable Advantage

Being charged with a crime can make you feel helpless. Going up against the heft of the Georgia legal system is not a light pursuit, buy you do have rights and an effective attorney can help you protect them. Here are some ways that a criminal defense lawyer can help you:

  • Reducing your charges: A lawyer may be able to reduce your charge from a felony to a misdemeanor, which would likely diminish a potential sentence.
  • Seeking a lesser punishment: Through tools such as probation, an attorney could help you to avoid jail time.
  • Aid in negotiating a plea bargain: Entering a guilty plea in exchange for a lesser punishment is a common occurrence. A criminal defense attorney can help you negotiate a favorable deal.
  • Locate and develop the best possible defense strategy: Different cases warrant different approaches, and a seasoned attorney will understand which legal strategy would best suit your situation.

A criminal defense attorney can help you understand the trial process, as well as what you can expect at court. Having an advocate who can guide you through an intimidating process can help put you at ease, and an attorney such as myself will be determined to seek the most positive outcome possible.

I Can Answer Your Criminal Defense Questions

If you are facing a criminal charge, it stands to reason that you have several pressing questions — I can answer them. For a consultation to learn more about your legal options, call the Law Offices of Walter L. Lutes, P.C., at 770-479-1400. You can also schedule a meeting by sending me an email. My firm is in Canton.