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Traffic Offenses Deserve To Be Taken Seriously

Even the most responsible drivers are not immune from receiving a traffic ticket. A minor mistake on the road can find you facing a costly violation, and repeat offenses or a failure to respond can subject you to tough penalties under Georgia state law.

If your traffic violations are becoming unmanageable, the Law Offices of Walter L. Lutes, P.C., can help. I proudly assist motorists in Canton and its surrounding communities, including Cherokee and Cobb counties, as they seek to avoid further fines and preserve their driving privileges.

An Array Of Infractions Could Present You With A Violation

A traffic ticket can be issued for several different moving and nonmoving violations. Many of these are known as “strict liability” offenses, which do not require criminal intent to be proven for a conviction. Essentially, if you are found to have committed the traffic violation, that alone is sufficient evidence to convict. Some examples of strict liability offenses include:

  • Driving without headlights
  • Illegal turns
  • Speeding
  • Failure to yield where appropriate
  • Allowing your parking meter to lapse
  • Illegally parking in a handicap space

Moving violations, such as speeding tickets and reckless driving, can be particularly costly offenses. Aside from the fine issued on your ticket, you could see escalated insurance premiums due to negative marks on your driving record. An attorney who is familiar with traffic offenses can advise you of your legal rights as well as the defense options that are available to you.

Do Not Fight Your Costly Traffic Tickets Alone

A lawyer can prove to be a valuable asset if you are facing expensive traffic tickets. For a free consultation to discuss your legal options, call the Law Offices of Walter L. Lutes, P.C., at 770-479-1400. You can also reach me via email by visiting my practice’s contact page.