Can I get a DUI for sleeping in my car while drunk?

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If you are facing DUI charges in North Georgia for sleeping in your car while drunk, you may be wondering what your rights are and what the law says about DUIs.

Understanding Georgia DUI laws can help you make informed decisions to protect your future.

Can the police arrest me for sleeping in my car while drunk?

While pulling over and sleeping in your car instead of driving drunk may seem like a responsible choice, police can still arrest you for a DUI if they deduce that you were, at one time, driving while drunk. For example, if police found you sleeping in the driver’s seat with keys on your lap or in the ignition, they can infer that you were in control of your vehicle. Similarly, if you are alone in the driver’s seat of your vehicle while drunk and the hood of the vehicle is warm, police may have enough circumstantial evidence to give you a DUI.

How can I avoid getting a DUI for “sleeping it off” in my car?

While avoiding your vehicle while intoxicated is the safest choice, sometimes, “sleeping it off” is the only safe option available to you. Here are some ways to help you avoid future DUI charges for sleeping in your car:

  • Do not start the engine
  • Do not sleep in the driver’s seat
  • Put your keys far away from where you sleep, such as in the trunk

It is important to understand your rights and what the law says about DUIs to help you make good decisions moving forward.