Do I need to go to driving school for DUI?

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Road accidents are a major source of death and pain for Americans, so high-risk activities, such as intoxicated driving, are a focus of significant law-enforcement activity. There are serious penalties, education programs and outreach initiatives.

However, as someone who faces charges of DUI, you have rights. A fair system should balance your hardship, should you receive a conviction, with the risks or harm associated with your crime. The traffic-school program is an attempt to manage this balance.

What is Georgia DUI school?

As per the Georgia Department of Driver Services, the state maintains and regulates a DUI school program. The official name is “the DUI Alcohol or Drug Use Risk Reduction Program”, or “RRP” for short.

If you get a DUI conviction, it is possible that there will be a requirement for you to attend this program. It also applies to other types of criminal charges, such as:

  • Boating under the influence
  • Operating a motor vehicle with underage possession (no intoxication necessary)
  • Some cases of possession of illegal drugs

Why do you have to go to DUI school?

When the court orders you to attend DUI school, it comes from a presumption that the actions that led to your charge were out of ignorance. That is: You did not know how harmful your alleged actions could be. Therefore, the reason is that teaching you about these risks could reduce the chance that you repeat the offense.

Of course, ignorance is not a valid defense against a DUI charge. By the same token, simply agreeing to DUI school does not resolve your charges or get you out of trouble, so to speak. The penalties for a DUI conviction often go far beyond having to attend an education program, sometimes limiting opportunities and causing significant hardship.