What if somebody falsely accuses me of domestic violence?

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Domestic violence is a scourge that brutalizes thousands of American homes each year. Since this crime is so despised by the community, it can often lead people to jump to conclusions. If you find that an individual is accusing you of domestic violence, it is very possible that the community repercussions will be swift and severe.

On top of clearing your name in a court of law, it is also important to clear your name in your community. In the event that you are facing false domestic violence allegations, it is vital that you remain calm and reach out immediately to your friends and family.

On keeping calm

It is natural to feel anger if somebody is accusing you of a crime you did not commit. It is especially natural to feel angry at domestic violence accusations, given that communities are revile this variety of crime. However, reacting to the accusations with anger will only heighten suspicion.

You should also ensure that all of your communications during this time are calm. Anything that you put on social media may end up in court. It is natural to want to vent, but it is best to do this privately or with professional therapists.

Keep calm, and reach out to your friends and family before doing anything else.

The help of friends and family

The absolute last thing you want is for your friends and family to hear about the accusations through gossip. You do not want them to even consider believing that the accusations are true. Reaching out to preempt the accusations will work in your favor. You will need all of the community support that you can muster during this time.