How can social media help me fight violence charges?

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2021 | Criminal defense |

An accusation of domestic violence can be damaging to your life. Even if a court does not convict you of this crime, you may carry the stigma of the accusation for years to come, which could affect your living arrangements, job prospects and family dynamics. This outcome is why you should be aware of any method to defend yourself from such charges. 

A major problem with domestic violence accusations is that there are often no third party witnesses to confirm or deny them. You may find yourself in a position where your accuser may gain the upper hand just for appearing sympathetic. Your pictures on social media, however, may be of help to you. 

What your pictures may tell others

In today’s world, people often post pictures of themselves on social media sites, along with descriptions of where they were at the time and what they were doing. This is important because your accuser may make claims about your activities at certain times. Your social media posts may confirm otherwise. 

Furthermore, Consumer Reports explains that pictures taken on smartphones and digital cameras contain imbedded information called Exif data. This data can describe the year and time of a photo’s creation, the camera settings, and can also identify the location of the shoot with GPS data. Exif data may bolster your claims about your activities and your location at the time. 

Protect your social media

The possibility that your social media may support you is why you should protect your social media if your spouse or partner levies domestic violence charges against you. Your accuser may try to access your accounts and create posts or texts that implicate you as an abuser. Also, your accuser might delete media posts that could help you. 

In addition, your accuser likely has social media accounts as well, with media posts that may invalidate claims against you. These matters could be crucial as you seek to fight domestic violence charges.