How can underage drinking and driving impact your future?

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2020 | juvenile crimes |

Georgia hosts harsh laws for people who drink and drive under the influence. If your child drinks and drives, they will still face hefty penalties if convicted.

It is important to understand how underage drinking and driving can alter the course of the future. After all, the impact lasts far beyond the initial punishment.

Short term consequences

Next Generation Village discusses the potential consequences of underage drinking and driving. There are short term consequences, which often include fines and time in jail. Depending on the charge, a conviction could also result in parole, registration with an alcohol abuse program, ignition interlock devices and community service hours.

Long term consequences have a much farther reach, though. First, their ability to attend college might suffer. Any financial support they got from their college of choice could get revoked after a conviction. Some colleges will even ban a student from using on-campus housing, forcing them to commute or stay off-campus at a much higher cost.

Changes to career choices

Their career paths will also shift. Many industries do not hire people with drunk driving charges on record. This includes industries that involve working with children, like public school teachers. It also includes government positions. Of course, any position that requires a commercial driver’s license is off the table, too.

They may also face discrimination due to their criminal record. Unfortunately, despite laws meant to stop this, many potential employers or landlords will view criminal convictions as a point against your child. Due to these combined reasons, it is crucial to take any charges seriously from the start.