You job opportunities after a drug arrest

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Many people find the process of searching for a new job challenging. But, for people with criminal pasts, the challenges may feel even greater at times.

A less-than-perfect history may impact a person’s job search but it need not prevent the person from securing a good job and a fresh start to a better tomorrow.

The truth about background checks today

While most employers today do conduct background checks on potential employees, indicates that many companies keep an open mind about candidates despite the results of these checks. Research from the Charles Koch Institute and the Society for Human Resources Management found that the vast majority of hiring managers believed a person with a criminal past may perform a job as well or better than a person without a criminal past.

Know your rights when looking for a job

As explained by Glassdoor, every person deserves the opportunity to work and earn an honest living. A criminal indiscretion does not take away a person’s education, skills or prior work experience. These factors make a big difference when it comes time to get a new job. People applying for positions should make a point to emphasize these facts that position them for success in the roles.

Do your homework before the interview

Job seekers may conduct their own background checks to see exactly what potential employers could see. This allows them to prepare statements that provide some context while emphasize how they grew after the events. These conversations naturally dovetail into discussions about work tasks and qualifications instead of details about a criminal event.