What happens if I am falsely accused of domestic violence?

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2020 | Criminal defense |

If anybody ever accuses you falsely of any crime, this is a traumatic experience. However, false accusations of domestic violence can be extremely damaging.

For very good reasons, society views domestic abuse extremely poorly. However, this can lead to you suffering a guilty verdict via the court of public opinion long before the case ever gets to trial. According to FindLaw, if somebody falsely accuses you of domestic violence the best thing to do is keep calm.

What does keeping calm do?

If you react strongly when somebody accuses you of domestic violence, this can make you look bad. It is natural to have an emotional reaction to the false accusations, but you must vent these in private. Particularly if you react with anger, your accuser may be able to use this against you.

Instead, try to minimize contact with your accuser as much as possible. You should also get in contact with your friends and family and explain what is going on. You do not want your loved ones hearing these accusations through gossip, or, worse, from your accuser.

What else can I do?

Getting legal representation quickly is key. In addition to this, make sure to change all of the usernames and passwords associated with any internet accounts you own. This is particularly important for social media accounts and other messaging apps. If your accuser has access to these, he or she may try to hijack your account and send false threatening messages to create a “paper trail” of threats from you.

If you can stay calm and keep a handle on your internet accounts, this will help improve your case.