Can a DUI impact your college career?

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2019 | dui defense |

When prospective students of colleges in Georgia come to campus, the laws of the state still apply. If you get involved in DUI-related crimes, then you may also face relevant penalties. But can these penalties impact your college career?

In short, yes they can. Convictions for DUI-related crimes can have an affect on many different aspects of your college career. First and foremost, it may prevent you from even being able to attend college. Some colleges will refuse an application based on your criminal history. The more prestigious the university, the more likely it is that you may run into this kind of problem.

If you are potentially depending on financial aid, this could also be a huge detriment. Scholarship programs and public and private grants both have internal rule structures. Many of these programs will not grant financial aid to someone with a criminal background, regardless of what this background is. Some will take you out of the applicant pool immediately. While others may not remove you, they may bump you down to a lower level of consideration. This can be catastrophic if you cannot afford to attend college out of your own money.

Finally, a college program may expel you or you may have a scholarship revoked. This is important to note so that you do not have a false sense of security.

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