Defending against false domestic violence claims

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Domestic violence allegations occur in Georgia daily. In some cases, it comes down to the equivalent of, “he said, she said.” If the individuals involved are a couple, going through a divorce or already separated, the alleged abuse can affect the court’s custody and support decisions. At the Law Offices of Walter L. Lutes, P.C., we often assist clients with defense strategies for domestic violence charges.

False or unsubstantiated claims of abuse are often the method a vindictive person uses for improving the chances of a particular outcome in court. This could be regarding a divorce settlement or in determining custody of minor children. VeryWell Mind reports that the term “abuse” extends beyond physical violence. It includes intimidation and interfering with an individual’s personal liberty.

Once the court hears allegations, the judge may issue a protection order, despite a lack of corroborating evidence. You may have to cease all contact and typically leave the home you share, even if it is your legal residence. Orders of protection usually include a no-contact clause. If a friend goes to talk with your partner at your request, it could result in criminal charges.

Allegations, even when false, can have a devastating impact on your entire life. You may have limited or no visitation rights, which prevent you from seeing your children entirely. It can also affect your job and relationships with friends and family. Accusations of domestic abuse are very different from a conviction. Getting an attorney with experience in domestic violence can help you understand the charges and put forth evidence to clear your name. Visit our webpage for more information on this topic.