Understanding the causes of domestic violence

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Victims of domestic violence, known as “family violence” here in Georgia, may be less concerned with the reasons for the violence and more concerned with how to escape the violence. While understandable, digging into the roots of this brand of violence is key to successfully treating it. Joyful Heart Foundation provides numerous reasons for family violence.

Life shifts

Events such as a job loss, death in the family or financial woes can cause a person to feel a loss of control and a sense of neglect. Such negative emotions could trigger a person to physically lash out. Inflicting pain upon others could be a way to regain a sense of control.

Problems stemming from childhood and upbringing

A person’s upbringing could cause her or him to feel that violence is an acceptable way to raise a family or behave within a relationship. Specifically, witnessing such violence while growing up could pave the way for a repeated cycle.

Views on relationships

As pointed out by BetterHelp, some men feel they should hold all the power in a relationship. When a girlfriend or wife does not share such views, it could lead to clashing ideologies, which could make the man feel the need to physically lash out in an attempt to regain control.

A feeling of insecurity

A person who does not feel secure in her or his relationship may resort to violence as a way to regain that feeling. The other person attempting to break the relationship off could trigger insecurity. Insecurity could also churn inside feelings of abandonment.

Those who suspect their significant other may resort to violence should learn the warning signs. Doing so could potentially save a life.