What are the signs of domestic abuse?

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Domestic violence can impact even seemingly healthy and happy relationships. As a result, it can be hard to identify common signs, even by the person at the center of the abuse. Very Well Mind explains some of these signs so you can recognize any potential issues, either in your own romantic relationship or in a loved one’s relationship.

Controlling behaviors

An abusive person strives to control every aspect of their partner’s life. From a financial perspective, the abused spouse may not have access to their own money and must ask for funds for shopping and going out. It’s also common to ask for permission before leaving the home, and the person being abused may not have their own transportation. Other controlling behaviors include constant texts and calls when away and accusations of infidelity, even when there is no basis for them.

Emotional signs

Controlling behaviors often have emotional consequences for the victim. Many people experiencing abuse will exhibit a timid persona, usually out of fear of reprisal. Abuse victims also suffer from low self-confidence, depression, and anxiety. When mental health issues are left untreated, suicidal tendencies may also be a factor. A person might also be unable to relax or feel at ease, even when spending time away from the abuser.

Physical signs

Physical signs of abuse are usually easy to recognize, although many victims will make an attempt to hide them or explain them away. Explanations of abuse fail to address the severity of the issue, which is why so many victims try to conceal them. This involves clothing with long sleeves or heavy makeup. Sprains, bruising, broken bones, black eyes, bite marks, and other injuries are often clear indications of physical abuse.