A parent’s role in helping teens avoid delinquency

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Teenagers have their own way of doing things, no doubt. In many instances, they do not realize the depth of their behavior and its effect on the consequences they may face in the future. Subsequently, they may also not immediately see the impact of their choices on the future of their existence. As such, it is imperative that teenagers in Georgia receive support and intervention at an early age to provide education about the effects of their behavior, as well as encouragement to avoid participation in questionable activities.

While parents play a critical role in educating their children, a well-rounded approach to teaching them is something that can be achieved with the help of school teachers, community programs and even online resources. When children are well informed and have received healthy incentives and reinforcement for good behavior from the authority figures in their lives, they may be much less likely to be involved in delinquent behavior.

According to youth.gov, one such program that was developed for positive intervention with young children took the unique approach of addressing the six life domains. These include education, relationships, work, creativity, community and health. Coupled with the goal of helping youth participants feel a sense of belonging, parents and educators can instill valuable characteristics in children such as resilience.

Secureteen.com suggests two important ways that parents can help their children. The first is for them to be active participants in guiding and educating their children about life and its challenges, as well as effective ways to respond to difficult situations. Second, they should make an effort to spend quality time with their children and act as their advocate in their development and learning.