How a DUI conviction could ruin your employment chances

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As you might expect, a Georgia DUI conviction can negatively impact you in many ways. But do you realize how much it could hurt your employment chances? Any kind of a criminal conviction, including one for DUI, can make it much more difficult for you to obtain the job you want.

For instance, if your dream job requires you to have some kind of a license, such as for practicing law, practicing medicine, or practicing in virtually any of the professions, the state licensing board may not give you a license if they discover a criminal conviction on your record. Or if your dream job requires you to have a Commercial Driver’s License, you likely will not be able to get one until years after your DUI conviction, if even then.

Background checks

Virtually any employer to which you apply for a job, whether or not it requires some kind of a license, will run a background check on you. This background check will reveal all of the following:

  • The incarceration records resulting from all of your criminal convictions
  • The court records resulting from all of your arrests and/or convictions
  • Your driver’s record from all states in which you received a DUI or other traffic-related conviction
  • Your driver’s license suspensions and/or revocations from all states in which you received one
  • Your Facebook and other social media posts, as well as those of your family and friends, talking about criminal convictions you received

Unfortunately, most employers view a criminal conviction, for DUI or otherwise, as an indication that you do not possess sound moral or practical judgment. Many employers also view a criminal conviction as proof that you are a troublemaker whom they would just as soon not have working for them. You can avoid a conviction by not drinking and driving. If you are facing a DUI charge, it may be in your best interest to contest it if possible.