Hasty decisions can lead to juvenile crimes

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2019 | juvenile crimes |

Crimes involving juveniles are on the rise in many communities. Young people are prone to making hasty decisions and are easily manipulated into situations that they may later regret. The need to fit in, to be cool and to be accepted can be strong motivators. Sadly, young people get involved in situations in Georgia that may lead to the commission of juvenile crimes.

A woman recently claimed that she was terrorized by a group of teens. The incidents began when she was putting gas in her car, and so-called slider thieves reportedly entered her car, took her wallet and keys and then took off. Shortly after that incident, she reported that $500 was taken from one of her accounts. She was concerned about the safety of her car as the thieves had her keys and address. Two days after the initial incident, she reported her car stolen.

The Atlanta police encountered the vehicle on I-75 and pursued the car, which fled from police and crashed on the University Avenue exit ramp. Three teenagers were apprehended at the scene. Two were 14 and one was 19. A 14-year-old was reportedly driving at the time of the crash. He was released into his parents custody.

Having a child facing charges for criminal behavior can make it seem that one’s world is coming to an end. It can be an incredibly difficult time for a family who are afraid of what the future holds and don’t know where to turn for help. Consulting with an attorney in Georgia who is experienced in dealing with juvenile crimes can provide some direction and guidance. A knowledgeable attorney can review the circumstances and the evidence in the case and make sure that all parties are aware of their rights and the legal paths available.