Drive under the influence — go straight to jail

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2018 | dui defense |

The holiday season is a time for parties and visiting loved ones. Many of these activities may involve the consumption of alcohol. Some people may not be aware of alcohol’s impact on their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle and may inadvertently drive under the influence. The Georgia Department of Transportation will be trying to ensure the safety of all drivers this holiday season.

In an effort to maintain safety on state roadways, Georgia State Patrol officers are instigating a zero tolerance policy to be enforced during the holiday season. A person who is cited for driving under the influence will be taken directly to jail. There were 24 traffic fatalities in Georgia last December that were attributed to drunk driving.

There are steps people can take to maintain safety on the roadways. Either designate a sober driver or use a ride share app to get home safely. Other options are also available. The AAA is offering a free tow and go service that will provide a ride and free tow for distances of up to 10 miles over the holidays.

If an individual chooses to drive under the influence and ends up being charged with a DUI in Georgia, it without doubt could have serious consequences for one’s future. In such circumstances, being aware of one’s rights can be vital. A criminal defense attorney can be sure that one is aware of all his or her rights under the law. In addition, a lawyer can review the evidence, such any field and sobriety test results, to assess whether such information was properly collected. Legal and factual issues can be addressed in court with a view toward obtaining a case dismissal, or a reduction in charges and/or sentencing.