Juvenile crimes involved in recent carjacking

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2018 | juvenile crimes |

Anyone can be subject to peer pressure. Teens are particularly susceptible and when crime is involved it can having devastating consequences in Georgia. An incident involving a stolen vehicle near Tucker is a recent incident. Three men, one a juvenile, were involved in the incident that led to charges of juvenile crimes.

The three allegedly stole a car and crashed it after being pursued by officers from Dekalb County. The three reportedly fled on foot after the crash. They also allegedly fired shots at the officers who returned fire, but no one was reported injured in the shootout. The fleeing suspects set off an overnight manhunt. Two of the suspects, including the juvenile, were quickly apprehended while a third remained at large.

The incident began when a cab was carjacked. The suspects allegedly robbed the cab driver of his phone, his wallet and his cab while he was waiting for a passenger. One of the suspects was apprehended at a transit stop. There were no details released on the apprehension of the juvenile.

Charges of violent crime can have devastating ramifications to a person’s life, particularly to a juvenile suspect. Conviction on such charges can stay with a person for a lifetime and can have an impact on one’s ability to go to college or get a job. If a young person in Georgia is facing criminal charges one should speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney. A knowledgeable lawyer, experienced in dealing with juvenile crimes, can advise one of one’s rights under the law and all the legal options that could possibly be available.