A traffic stop ends in a drug possession charge

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2018 | drug possession |

Sometimes, a traffic stop can turn into something else.  A man in Georgia was recently pulled over for having a defective head light. However, he got more than he may have bargained for when he received a drug possession charge.

A Colquitt County Sherriff’s officer saw a car with a headlight out early one morning on Highway 133 South. The officer then indicated the driver should pull over, but the driver allegedly sped up and proceeded to flee. Upon catching up with the motorist, the officer reportedly found that the driver was driving on a suspended license. In addition, the officer claimed to have found drugs in the car that were suspected to be methamphetamine and marijuana.

The driver of the car was arrested and faces multiple charges. The charges include possession of methamphetamine and marijuana, driving on a suspended license and attempting to obstruct a police officer from carrying out his duties. The suspect was awaiting a court arraignment.

A person pulled over for a vehicle violation in Georgia may be scared, confused and unsure of his or her legal rights. Seeing flashing lights in the rearview mirror can unsettle anyone. A person facing drug possession charges is innocent until proven guilty and has a constitutional right to a defense. Consulting with a knowledgeable attorney may provide one with information regarding his or her rights under the law. A lawyer can review the facts and evidence in the case and would be able to advise the client regarding the legal paths that are available.