North Georgia Drug Possession Lawyer

Being charged with possession of drugs is one of the most serious situations that a person can face. If you’re convicted of a possession charge, you can face serious consequences, including the possibility of facing jail time and the loss of your standing in the community. After being charged with possession, it can be hard to know where to turn, which is why you need to make sure to get legal advice from Walter Lutes at the Lutes Law Firm.

Walter Lutes understands how stressful it can be to face a drug possession charge, and he and his legal team are here to help you build an effective defense. Learn why you need the help of a North Georgia drug possession lawyer in light of the seriousness of these criminal charges.

Marijuana Possession

One of the most common drug charges that a person can face in North Georgia is possession in marijuana. While many states loosened their rules for related to marijuana, possession of this substance is still a very serious charge in Georgia. In fact, if you’re charged with marijuana possession, you can face between two and fifteen years in prison, as this is a felony offense.

If you find yourself facing a marijuana possession charge, it is vital that you hire a drug possession lawyer in North Georgia like Walter Lutes. The legal professionals at the Lutes Law Firm can examine the facts of your case and tell you what factors might play a part in your sentence, including whether this is a first charge and if there was intent to distribute.

Never try to handle a marijuana possession charge without the help of a knowledgeable attorney like Walter Lutes.

Cocaine Possession

Another common drug crime that you may be charged with in North Georgia is possession of cocaine. Because cocaine is considered a Section II substance, a first-time possession charge can result in up to fifteen years in prison, and a second may result in a thirty-year prison sentence.

The State of Georgia takes cocaine possession very seriously, and if you’re charged with this crime, you need help from Walter Lutes and the Lutes Law Firm. When you work with Walter Lutes, you’ll know that your drug possession charge is being handled by an attorney that understands Georgia drug law and effective defenses.

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If you’ve been charged with drug possession, whether for marijuana or cocaine, your first step should be to contact Walter Lutes at the Lutes Law Firm. You can send Walter an e-mail or call the office at 770-479-1400 to discuss your case with one of the experienced professionals at the Lutes Law Firm.

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